Expert Determination

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Get in touch with Brick Expertise for quality expert determination services. We also specialise in mediation - alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Dispute resolution through expert determination

At Brick Expertise, we can carry out a broad range of services to help you with construction disputes. Expert determination is a private form of dispute resolution process that allows two or more parties to resolve disputes by appointing an expert determiner. The resolution is final and binding to all the parties involved. We have acted as an expert determiner for various types of residential and commercial projects. We have also provided mediation services to our clients in the UK and the surrounding areas.
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We can help you with: 

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Technical expertise
  • Architect expert witness
  • Forensic architecture
  • Adjudication and other dispute resolutions
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Our technical expertise

There are various types of disputes that require technical expertise to be resolved. Our experts are fully trained and experienced to understand the technical aspects of all kinds of projects. We also prepare technical reports that will help you get a detailed insight. You can also obtain the technical documents from us.
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