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Brick Expertise has a team of qualified chartered architects who specialise in dispute resolution and expert determination services.

Rely on us for quality building dispute resolutions

At Brick Expertise, we have experienced and certified architects who are available to provide dispute resolution and expert witness services. Whether you have an issue with the building, brickwork or quality of services, when you need dispute resolution, get in touch with us for the highest standard of services. We will work to provide you with personal services that are designed to suit your case.
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Our expertise:

  • Mediation and negotiation
  • Arbitration
  • Architect expert witness
  • Forensic architecture
  • Interior design
  • Refurbishment
  • Extensions
  • Listed buildings
  • Brickwork cladding, roofing and more
  • Landscape / garden / commercial office design
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We have a proven record of providing a wide variety of tasks related to construction support. We have worked on various projects including work for clients in the public and private sector on schemes ranging from individual units to large multi-million pound developments.

We can also provide you with a free consultation. Speak to us to discuss your requirements.

Examples of Building and Cladding disputes we have resolved:

• Grade 1 Listed The Foreign office - dispute on condemned work which also involved in-depth appraisal of contract particulars and analysis of the built likely performance
• Tax tribunal v. HMRC VAT - roofing issue 
• Multi Million central London housing development - a number of reports and contract analysis to determine workmanship standards and design responsibility with the contract being determined not in accordance with the contract or performance requirements
• Investigation of D&B smaller Airfield Terminal - analysis of workmanship and proposals to complete the works
• Multimillion Chelsea London conversion - damp issues and Architect’s negligence 


• Cranfield Mill Ipswich - cladding failure and absence of fire breaks
• PFI Hospital Cumbria - cladding failure with Arups
• Faslane Supermess - cladding failure and fire compartmentation
• Guildhall London - Lend lease cladding failure 
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Contact us for dispute resolution services in Essex and the surrounding areas. Call us on
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