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At Brick Expertise, we work with clients to provide professional brickwork dispute resolutions.

Knowledgeable and professional mediators

We provide expert construction consultancy and help our clients when there are brickwork disputes. We are a certified construction mediator who can provide dispute resolution, mediation and CPR 35 reports. We offer chartered forensic architects who can work as expert witnesses. We understand all aspects of brickwork and guide you through the processes of brickwork disputes.

Choose our services for:

  • Quality mediation services
  • Types of dispute resolutions
  • Professional expert determiner
  • Technical expertise
  • Negotiation, arbitration, litigation and more

Experienced construction consultancy

Whether you require part or full services, we will provide you with a free initial consultation. We have handled various project which enables us to carry out fast and efficient services. Contact us to speak with an expert today!

History of Brick Dispute cases:

• Knightsbridge flagship development – Architect’s negligence specification on clay 
• Thames Valley - dispute between brickwork sub/contractor and development 
• Private new build house Bexhill
• New country Seat in Sussex Alderbrook Park - workmanship for PRP Architects
• Brompton Road London - dispute on workmanship on major development
• East London large residential social housing - dispute on workmanship
• Ibis Cambridge - brick dispute
• Arbitration Singapore - Contractors negligence in changing bonding specification
• Liverpool concrete - brick failures at 4 sites 
• Damp Penetration Wales - existing development, Marine Parade
• Newport Wales - advice on damp and remedial works
• Hampstead London - dispute on workmanship private development
• School Sussex - Expert determination and remedial measures
• Waterloo report - for Swift Brickwork in dispute office development
• Tenant dispute v Lambeth Council - dangerous construction of brick wall
• Kier construction technology - dispute King Cross on Peterson Bricks
• Twickenham contractor and Architects - negligence re-pointing existing house
• New build Teddington - contractor’s workmanship failure
• University of Ulster - advice on severe exposure location
• Advice to Architects - Stockwell brick failures
• Residential advice - on Northern Ireland development
• Oxford workmanship dispute - on new substantial development
• Residential development - M4 contractor negligence Care Home
• Midlands Police campus v main contractor - failure to protect the works
• Refectory brick advice on sourcing and standards brick factory kiln cars Midlands
• St Pancras Student demolition - undersize bricks not conforming to EN 771
• Dartford residential block - Brick collapse.
• Refectory brick advice industrial brick kiln Nigeria
• Aylesbury - dispute with workmanship

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